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MailCom Business Listings
German, Austrian and Swiss Business Listings

MailCom Firmenadressen zum Flatrate-Preis
Musteradressen der  MailCom Firmenadressen zum Flatrate-PreisBusiness lists including internet and e-mail-contacts and detailed description of business categories
2,900,000 companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 1,000+ categories
 incl. contact names, e-mail & web address
Unlimited exportation capabilities !

2,9 million German, Austrian and Switzerland business listings including e-mail at a flat-rate price

Updated business listings with internet and e-mail contacts as well as detailed
description of business categories at a flat-rate price.






218.000 260.000
Telefon 2.000.000 180.000 215.000
Telefax 85.000 50.000 29.000
Internet/URL 1.110.000 40.000 60.000
Email 510.000 29.000 40.000
Handelsregister-Nummer 895.000    
Umsatzsteuer-ID 120.000    
Geschäftsführer 580.000    
Inhaber 650.000
Geschäftsführer oder Inhaber 1.240.000
Beschäftigte (Staffelung) 970.000 90.000 110.000
* die Einträge sind auf die Tausenderstellen gerundet
MailCom Business Listings at a flat-rate price include: 
• the full company name
• maximal three descriptions of business categories per company with classification of industry
• the full postal address
• geodata of the address ( longitude and latitude )
• export function for geodata to use Google Earth

Optional included information: 
• central phone number
• central fax number
• web address (company)
• e-mail address (company)
• name of business owner or manager
• responsible Local Court
•  number of Commercial Register with recent date of change
• VAT number
• population of the place where the company is located
• surface area of the place ( head office)
• postal code
• federal state
• urban district

Successful in marketing
One condition for new customers are suitable addresses. MailCom Buisness Listings are the solution: 3 million updated German company listings, which can be used for your B2B-Communication and acquisition of new customers. As the addresses are constantly completed and updated by the publisher, many of these listings can not be found in other classified directories.

Use the addresses for one year
With MailCom Business listings you can reach your target group efficiently. You only pay a flat-rate price and the you can use the addresses for one year. Publicize your products and services by this way! In many cases an investment in the latest  MailCom Business listings at a flat-rate price is profitable already with the first use. Make use of this flat-rate offer and be more successful in marketing!

A profitable investment
High quality business listings are normally very expensive.You only have to pay once for the 2,9 million addresses of this database and then you have the right to use all listings for one year. Be able to selcet the addresses easily for your marketing campaign – as often and whenever you wish. The programme for the selection of addresses is included.

New: Including web- and e-mail-addresses 
Business listings including a valid web- or e-mail address were rarely available on the market until now. MailCom Business Listings offer all necessary addresses for successful Online-Communication. 80% of all companies doing business on the internet is covered. With the included e-mail addresses you are able to contact your customers online. Save producing costs and postal charges by mailing and reach your target group more quickly.

Business Listings at a flat-rate price – Your advantages at one sight:
• Company addresses at a flat-rate price: arround 3 million updated German, Austrian & Swiss business listings 
• Unlimited right of use for one year – marketing power for each budget
• Universal data format: The business listings will be delivered in text format (CSV) and can directly     be used 
• Reach your target group: Select business listings after category, postal code, location etc.
• Multi-Channel-Strategy: Advertise by post, e-mail and phone
• Certified business listings by the publisher with 30-years-experience